Insurance And Background Checks For Santa, Mrs. Claus & Other Performers

We are the ORIGINAL Santa organization to offer PERFORMER'S INSURANCE.
We provide worldwide & nationwide liability insurance for performers across the USA.

A Membership Hub for Santa Claus and Performers

Nationwide Santas Membership

Santa Membership

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Santa Membership

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Santa Membership

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Member of Nationwide Santas.
Annual membership runs Aug 1 – Jul 31.

$40 USA

$90 non-USA

Nationwide Santas Member Benefits include:

  • Nationwide Santas Membership Card
  • Nationwide Santas Pin
  • Nationwide Santas Certificate
  • Nationwide Santas Writing Pen
  • Member will be added to our website and notified of potential job offers
  • Member will be added to our Nationwide Santas Membership Private Facebook Group Page
  • Member can purchase Liability Insurance at a special rate

Nationwide Santa Insurance Policies
For USA Performers Only

All of our Insurance Policies include

  • $4 Million General Aggregate / $2 Million Per Occurrence
  • $300k/$500k Abuse and Molest coverage with current Background Check

Discounted Insurance Rates for Nationwide Santas Members (5 options to choose from)

  • 1 $210.00 Policy for Real Beard and Designer Beard Santa
  • 2 $90.00 Add this to option 1. Additional year-round policy for Santas performing in a Non-Santa capacity. (Pirate, Easter Bunny, Clown, Magician, etc.)
  • 3 $120.00 Add this to option 1. Policy for Santas Assistant (Mrs. Claus, Elf, etc.)
  • 4 $120.00 Other performers (Mrs. Claus, Clowns, all Performers, etc.)
  • 5 $105.00 Optional Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement (can add to any option)

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